Water is the purest form of natural resource on the earth and most essential to mankind. But humans, over the years have polluted and contaminated this purest natural resource and have made water a cause of concern. We at Bikon Water offer complete water solutions, be it conservation, recycling, recharging, treatment or management of water. Bikon Water is a complete water & waste-water management company which provides an end to end solution to any water related issue. Bikon Water delivers world-class products thus making it one of the largest suppliers of water treatment solutions in India.
Why Bikon Water?
> Cost effective projects
> High Value Experience
> Flexibilty in project customization.
> Prompt Service.
> Low gestation period
> Best technical expertise
> Comprehensive project Development and management
Core Areas of Expertise.
> Waste Water Treatment
> Swimming Pools
> Turnkey Projects
> Water Treatment Plants
> Rain Water Harvesting
The Team
Bikon Water is backed by a team of young professionals having unmatched experience in marketing, designing, installation, commissioning and after sales services. Over these years our team has successfully networked with leading professionals of the water treatment industry, government officials, consultants and research institutions. We have assisted these multinational companies in developing strategies on product mix, pricing, promotion, channel selection and distribution.
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