Turnkey Projects

An increasing number of facilities are now opting for "Turnkey Installation" of water management systems, where the contract is awarded to design, build and sometimes operate the system for the facility. Bikon Water has successfully completed a number of Turnkey projects for its private and public sector clients providing an end to end solution including Concept, Design, Erection and Commissioning, civil, plumbing & Electrical controls, the key attributes being efficient design, productivity improvement and cost reduction systems.

Some of the key elements of a typical Turnkey project are listed below:

  • Preparation of equipment specifications aPreparation of the bid documents
  • Selection of the appropriate equipment aReview and approval of the design drawings
  • Obtaining necessary permits and approvals aConstruction / installation of the equipment
  • System start-up aPerformance testing
  • Operator training aDemonstration of regulatory compliance
  • System operation & Maintenance


Bikon Water, builds, installs, inspects, and tests process piping systems for industrial, commercial, chemical and beverage or food processing customers utilizing all types of materials including stainless steel, polyurethane, PVC, acid waste and other special alloys. We have our expertise in :

  • Underground water, sanitary, storm, natural gas and special service installations
  • Complete plumbing systems for projects ranging in diversity from hospitals to research laboratories, hotels, malls and high-rise office buildings
  • Domestic water, sewage and storm pumping systems
  • Certified installation of medical and high purity gas systems
  • Welding and fusion welding for various steel and plastic piping applications
  • Installation of systems for achieving special effects such as waterfalls and fountains
  Fire Fighting

The fire systems in a building are many. There are equipment and systems for monitoring, communication, fighting fire, indication, raising alarm, diverting smoke and many others. The fire fighting systems contain pumps, tanks, and their own distribution piping. Hose reels and canvas hoses are terminated with nozzles for spray or jet. Sprinkler systems have special glass bulbs and sprinkler rose. Flow switches are installed to cause bells to ring when the sprinkler systems are activated. The systems can also contain gongs activated by water flow Bikon Water provides a complete fire fighting solution for buildings, complexes and institutions.

Pumping Solutions

For any utility plant, building, complex or institution, pumping systems are the most important part.. Bikon water has a range of pumping solutions for

  • Heating aAir conditioning aPressure Boosting
  • Ground Water Supply aDomestic Water Supply aWaste Water
  • Industrial Applications aDosing

Hydropnuematic Pressure Boosting Systems

Reliable water pressure in commercial buildings is a matter of correct design and components. Many years of experience in pressure boosting systems makes Bikon Water a reliable partner. We supply solutions ranging from total multi-pump boosting systems, to simple, non-regulated stand-alone systems. The highest priority of a pressure boosting system is to ensure user comfort by always providing the desired pressure on demand.

Civil Works

Bikon Water undertakes complete civil jobs for Water related activities providing end to end solution on a turnkey basis. We have an experienced team to help complete the job in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. The following sectors in the water treatment stream require civil works undertaken by us :

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants aCollection Tanks aCollection Pits / sumps
  • Rainwater harvesting pits aPlants Rooms aSwimming pools & Spas
  • Low flow filteration pits aFoundations

Electrical Panels, Cabling & Automation

Bikon Water offers a wide range of stylishly engineered electrical panels to provide control, protection and monitoring for on-board electrical circuits, ranging from basic meter panels to full-function AC/DC master distribution centers. We also undertake complete cabling jobs including laying of cables, cable tray, conduits, termination. We also specilize in complete automation of equipments.

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