Water Storage Tanks
  We are also manufacturer and suppliers of water storage tanks in sizes ranging from 10 KL to 10000 KL. These tanks are used for storage of Water & Waste water. We have completed 800+ installations of these storage tanks globally.
Various Product range available with us are:

  Glass Fused to Steel Tanks (GFS) also known as Glass Lined Tanks (GFS). The glass fused to steel tank is very good at resisting the rigors of the construction site as well as offer a long life even in the chemical as well as rough environs. Due to its fused coating, it is perfect for countless applications but when it comes to holding hostile liquids such as wastewater. This Tank demand very less maintenance. We are manufacturers and suppliers in sizes ranging from 10 KL to 10000 KL.

It gives significant benefits over other tank & silo systems. Some are mentioned below

  • Optimum Corrosion Resistance
  • Due to Glass Lining on both sides, they require very less maintenance.
  • Rapid Installation
  • Flexibility to Re-model, Extend and Re-site
  • Can be used in Food grade applications
  • Optimum Corrosion Resistance
  • Low Capital Cost
  GFS Tanks Applications
They can be used in storing media like Fire water, Drinking water, Raw water, Waste water in Waste water treatment plants, Dry bulk storage, Effluent storage, Biogas Digesters, Molasses etc.
  Erection of Glass Fused Steel Tanks
These tanks are installed through a special jacking mechanism from Top (Roof) to bottom ring. First we erect the tankís roof and seal the ring and the roof.
  Zincalume steel has an alloy coating of 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon. Aluminium in the coating provides barrier protection to the steel while the zinc element provides sacrificial cut edge protection. It is this double protection mechanism which accounts for Zincalume Steelís superior corrosion performance. These Tanks have Liquid storage media reinforced multi-layer, food grade PVC/PE liner. Our tanks are designed for liquid storage with a pH level between 4 & 11. These tanks are more long lived, low maintenance, aesthetic appealing and price competitive than MS Fabricated/RCC tanks.

Benefits of Zincalume tanks

  • High grade reinforced Liner
  • Rapid Installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Ease of transportation
  • Expandable and relocatable
  • Can be used in Food grade applications
  Zincalume tank applications
These tanks are widely used for the applications like Raw water storage, Fire water, Drinking water, DM Water, Rain water storage, waste water, Sea water etc.
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